20 things that mean home to me

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As part of a new project, I’m starting to think around what home really means. To everyone really, but here’s my starter for ten. Feel free to leave your own thoughts after the jump. I’d love to read them.

  1. Fresh stocks in a vintage enamel jug on the kitchen table
  2. A kitchen warmed sweet by baking banana bread
  3. Soft, corner lighting
  4. Fresh sheets & plump pillows on a newly-made bed
  5. Pushing the plunger on a steaming cafetiere
  6. The kitchen table covered in the detritus of Sunday papers
  7. BBC Radio 4
  8. Time dissolving in an un-putdownable book
  9. A long-brewed teapot of peppermint tea
  10. The cloud of roast dinner hitting you as you come in from the cold on a Sunday afternoon
  11. Dinner Jazz on Jazz FM
  12. Two hours of uninterrupted Sky+ catch-up
  13. The chattering of two radios on opposing stations, battling for supremacy
  14. The irritable motor of the hoover
  15. Furniture polish
  16. The double click of the front door lock and the inevitable schlump of the door closing behind
  17. Distant droning aeroplanes
  18. Test Match Special
  19. Dogs barking; followed by their name bellowed, a call for silence
  20. The late night Shipping Forecast

What means home to you?



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One response to “20 things that mean home to me

  1. The Shipping Forecast. Without a doubt. Always in the kitchen with a cup of tea and a slice of toast.

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