The endless talents of Rob Pattinson

© Copyright
© Copyright

As if landing a lead role in what will surely be one of the most lucrative movie franchises of the decade wasn’t enough, Robert Pattinson seems keen to show the world that he is more than just a one-trick pony.

Hidden away on the powerful soundtrack that accompanies the Twilight motion picture, is a folksy, contemplative little track named Never Think that is disarmingly moving. Sitting somewhat out of place alongside the angsty bands of my teenage years – the angry, crashing beats of Muse and Linkin ParkNever Think is more Jeff Buckley/Alexi Murdoch. The kind of track that would be right at home alongside the mellow soul-searching numbers that dominated the numerous soundtracks to The O.C.

It was only on my third listen to the iTunes preview of it, while contemplating purchasing the soundtrack to the film, did I take in the artist – none other than a certain Rob Pattinson. That one track sold me the entire album. Have a listen – see if it does the same for you (if not, then a reminder of Muse’s immense Supermassive Black Hole just might).

A talented young actor with a precocious musical gift currently taking Hollywood by storm… and you might have noticed that he’s a bit of a looker too. Twilight-addict that I am rapidly becoming, personally, it is Rob’s debut album that I’m most excited about, and it surely can’t be far behind the second movie.

Expect BIG things.


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