When Virgin met WCRS


This afternoon, everyone in the Engine building, the London marketing industry and beyond was passing back and forth a letter of complaint to Richard Branson, complaining about the shocking state of the food served on a transatlantic Virgin flight.

It is possibly the most hilarious piece of epistolary writing I have ever read.

It was sent to me by a friend from a market research agency, who had been sent it by her boss, who’s friend had sent it to her because he knew the author… and the author turned out to sit two floors directly above me in WCRS.

Small world huh? Even better, we found out that Richard Bransontook the time to call up Mr. Beale himself to firstly apologise and secondly thank him for keeping him and his family in stitches all weekend with the hilarity of his letter. Safe to say it was the most bizarre 10 minutes of Mr. Beale’s life, but good work Mr Branson I say.

In any case, please do read it – it is a prime example of how much damage can be done to a brand when a man is bereft of sleep, stimulation and left very, very hungry.

But then also how quickly it can be at least partly rectified by a 10 minute intervention from on high.


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