RBS 6 Nations drinking games

© Getty Images for RBS
© Getty Images for RBS

For the millions watching the highlight of the European rugby calendar this weekend, I should think a large percentage of fans will have a pint in hand – be they cheering from the stands or tucked up in the (warmer) comfort of their own front room.

So how to spice up your RBS 6 Nations viewing? Just follow the Sunday Times’ drinking games and at least there will be a method to the mullering:


Can’t get a ticket for the game but want to recreate the tension and excitement in your own living room and forget about the global economic misery? Why not have a load of friends over to play our Six Nations drinking game*, with forfeits based on the BBC’s coverage:

Danny Cipriani kick charged down:  
2 fingers
Kelly Brook looking through her fingers as Cipriani has another kick charged down:  
3 fingers
Charlotte Church sitting in the stands with five of her girlfriends, all of them enjoying a Bacardi Breezer:
Half pint
Welshman with tears streaming down his cheeks as his national anthem is played:
2 fingers
On-air argument between BBC commentators Eddie Butler and Brian Moore:
2 fingers
On-air punch up between Butler and Moore
Moody Martin Johnson with furrowed brow:
2 fingers
France coach Marc Lievremont delivering a Gallic shrug:
2 fingers
Member of the royal family and friends sitting in the stands:
Half pint
Member of the royal family who is sober / has a proper job / has not offended ethnic sensibilities:
Wales coach Shaun Edwards with his head buried in a book on the bench as his team rack up another score:
Half pint

*The Sunday Times does not encourage excessive drinking, except when England are losing


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