Stanford’s billion dollar fraud puts ECB in hot water

Karma? What goes around comes around? Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but for me to post two cricket stories in one day, it has to be something fairly major.

Stanford's stack of cash

Million dollar man Stanford, who flew in with his helicopter and his trunk of cash, like a cricket fairy godmother waving 20 million dollar bills, sweeping the ECB, the top dollar players and their CWAGs completely off their feet (the later, in case you don’t remember, quite literally).

Stanford's private collection of CWAGs
Allen Stanford entertains the England players' wives and girlfriends during play

So what could possibly bring this cricket revolutionary back down to earth with a bump? Well the US Securities and Exchange Commission for one, who have today announced charges of fraud against Stanford Financial, causing the ECB and WICB to drop him like a hot coal.

Even faster than they signed the contract in the first place, which is saying something.

But the question is, didn’t everyone suspect that there was always the chance Stanford’s billion dollar fortune wasn’t built entirely on solid ground? In which case, when the dust settles, the ECB’s reputation is likely to suffer far more than our friendly Texan billionaire.

Looks like the West Indian cricket grounds aren’t the only part of the cricket world built on sand right now. Question is, can the ECB hold steady and ride the storm?

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