Twitter marketing: blog stats never lie

Lucie Bartlett Twitter profile

So on Friday on last week, I finally fully embraced the world of Twitter (always a follower, never a leader, as ever) and I have been slightly addicted all weekend.

You will see the new addition of an RSS link to my Twitter feed at the top of my sidebar to the right and, in turn, my Twitter profile links back here.

However, I had in no way anticipated the instantaneous leap through the roof in my blog‘s traffic figures from Friday onwards, which I have just discovered on my Dashboard this morning. And frankly, I can only ascribe this bizarre heightened interest in my random musings to joining the Twitter universe.

Admittedly, when the average views figure for my posts tends to linger around the 30 mark (with a high to-date of 87), ‘through the roof’ can be translated as the dizzy heights of 125 views a-day – which I appreciate is unlikely to crash the WordPress server any time soon. But, relatively speaking, that is a 4:1 increase in web traffic, solely derived from opening up that additional avenue to my blog through Twitter.

Or at least I assume so. I can’t imagine my post on the Olsens over the weekend was that ground-breaking…

All hail Twitter – the latest undeniable force in self-marketing.


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