More Gossip Girl fashions hit the runway!

Ok so I know that I am slightly obsessed with this show, and the Season 1 DVD box set currently on permanent loop in my room may give me a pre-disposition to actively search for the Gossip Girl-esque in the realms of reality. But that said, when I opened today’s copy of Shortlist magazine, the main men’s fashion page blatantly screamed just two words: Chuck Bass.

Shortlist - Spring Blazers

Hurrah! Preppie Hamptons style hits the runways in time for the Spring previews. As the piece shows, male versions of Abigail Lorick-style designs will soon be ten-a-penny, found everywhere from Ralph Lauren Purple Label (£1,295) and Tom Ford (£3,420) to River Island‘s slightly more mass-affordable version (£59.99).

Let’s hope the same goes for female Spring trends too. A girl could do a lot worse than aspire to Blair Waldorf’s closet hoard.


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