Gossip Girl: sooo LAST season!

LOVED the Yale episode that aired two weeks ago (for UK viewers), but not as much as Serena’s choice of outfit when she went to meet the Dean:

Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen

How great is that blazer? The crest, the pin-stripe, the frilled fluted back… Thus followed a frantic internet search to find the source. I was ready to part with some serious cash to get hold of that piece, so imagine my shock and disappointment when I discovered that it was the Ralph Lauren ‘Filmore’  blazer from the 2008 S/S collection?

Since when did GG become a back-catalogue of last season’s knock-offs? Even considering the time at which these episodes would have been filmed (given the trans-Atlantic broadcast schedule delay, and the production schedule of a drama series), I found this massively surprising. Given the now well-established status of the show amongst aspiring fashionistas, and the proven effect of GG on retail trends, you can’t seriously tell me that wardrobe were unable to obtain anything more recent than that?

I guess in the meantime we’ll have to make do with a couple of replicas from Old Navy and Crew. Sigh.

For more GG fashion trends, check out the Gossip Girl Closet blog, which I just discovered. Though be warned: you might be a year too late.


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