We heart Taylor Momsen!

So who saw the UK’s GG last week? God bless my Sky+ for catching it when I sacrificed GG night for more sociable activities, with which I have only just caught up. Well. OMFG.

That hair, that dress and – of course – that kiss. Little J all grown up – who saw any of that coming?

Well actually, I did – but only by a day. During my gloriously perfect Sunday afternoon of proper coffee, cricket and burrowing under a plethora of weekend papers down in Surrey, I was indulging in the usual jewel in the crown of my Sunday paper intake (the Sunday Times’ Style magazine) when the subject of young Taylor was raised by that enviable barometer of all things hip and cool, Jessica Brinton.

She was of course referring to the latest ‘do’ to be demanded by young fashionistas in salons across NYC – ‘the Jenny’ – as sported by Momsen in the latest episode to air in the UK. Bashful, down-trodden courtier of Queen B Waldorf has emerged from her cocoon into a fully fledged glam rock chic butterfly, charming the pants of Nate Archibald as she flies.


What is most astonishing is that Taylor is merely 15 years of age. With her doll-like  features and painfully thin frame providing her with limitless model potential, her producers, publicists, stylists et al (including Fred Vanderbunt, creator of aforementioned crop) have developed the artsy rockstar’s-daughter-edge just enough to put her on the glam side of grunge.

Judging by her ever-growing portfolio of endorsements crammed around GG filming schedules, my bet is, she may go on to have the biggest – or at least most diverse – career of all the GG starlet darlings. Signed by IMG Models at 14, couture modelling for Page Six, nike sportswear campaigns… Hell, she even has a record coming out since The Reckless (the band she fronts) were signed by Interscope Records earlier this year.

And while we’re on the GG train (because Lord knows I don’t blog about it enough), everyone go out and buy Rolling Stone this month. Why? Just check this out and then stop yourself from racing to the newsagents tomorrow. H-O-T.

Photograph by Terry Richardson © Rolling Stone 2009
Photograph by Terry Richardson © Rolling Stone 2009

Oh, and there’s a video too.


2 thoughts on “We heart Taylor Momsen!

  1. Hi I am Frensh and I just mean to you American, English: I like Taylor Momsen and us in France, we like Gossip Girls.
    Kisses in all !

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