Olivia Palermo vs Blair Waldorf – let battle commence

© Getty Images / CW
© Getty Images / CW

How on earth did I not see this before?

The City‘s resident ‘social’, Olivia Palermo, is pretty much the real life version of Blair(with the possible exception of the fact that Olivia occupies her time with an occupation that could at least be loosely termed gainful employment…). I mean, physically they are even carbon copies of each other. Both impossibly stunning – beauty that is almost a caricature: the doe-eyed, chocolate-boxy brunette who stuns the Manhattan scene on a daily basis.

Anyhoo, imagine pitting the two against each other – who would come out on top? Well the L.A. Times have done it for us – and it’s a must-read for any fans of either show. And they are not the only ones to have spotted the common denominators either.

And for anyone who wants more of an insight into Palermo and her whole scene (can you believe she is still only 22?) check out this fab piece from The Independent published last year.

While you’re at it, learn about the Socialite Rank feud that tore her down a peg or two from the #1 top spot on the New York social scene – and check out the primary source of the scandal too.

See – she actually is a real-life Gossip Girl. Blair would be proud – and devastated in equal measure.

2 thoughts on “Olivia Palermo vs Blair Waldorf – let battle commence

  1. No way, you can’t even compare the two. For starters, the Palermo family is filing for bankruptcy and owe more in debt than their worth. Maybe the snide attitude relates the two, but Olivia doesn’t deserve the glory of being deemed a rea life Blair. 🙂

  2. Well, don’t you know that GossipGirl is in fact based on a certain socalite, in fact, Olivia Palermo, who is meant to be Blair. This is why its no coincidence that Leighton Meester looks just like Olivia.

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