Britain’s Next Top Model: Lisa’s New Model Army

Living Britains Next Top Model website

Girls, how much are we loving the ad creative for cycle 5 of Britain’s Next Top Model?

The TV trailers are a little more boot camp style (click here for a preview), with the final shot in the depths of the forest drawn from a very British battle scene. But the 1940’s wartime honeys in the print ads (as above) are just fabulous.

Led by the glam Lisa Snowdon (well, OK she’s no Tyra Banks but she’s probably the best we have to fit the bill), the girls will be landing back on our screens on Living, Mondays at 9pm – once cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model (BNTMs superior and original cousin) finishes in a couple of weeks.

Virgin Media’s cool little Living site for the show, features the huge digital creative campaign (the brainchild of London digital creative agency Holler) and a whole host of interactive goodies for fans of the show. Check it out now to see preview videos of all the aspiring models.

And the show’s marketing is truly award-winning. At the Hollis Sponsorship Awards just last week, I saw Vauxhall Tigra‘s sponsorship of the show (now in its the third year) gain the accolade of Best Brand Sponsorship (rather remarkably in the under £750,000 sector). Vauxhall activates on the back of it with some inspired runway catwalk events searching for The Face of Tigra 2009, in association with LIVING, and a Vauxhall Style website.

Anyway, I digress… I just love the posters. Plain and simple. Let’s hope the British cycle 5 can live up to its American cousin. If the promotional campaign is anything to go by, I’m damn excited.


7 thoughts on “Britain’s Next Top Model: Lisa’s New Model Army

  1. What’s the song used at the end of the ad? I’m not sure the one in this preview is the same as the one being aired on Living at the moment.

  2. Thanks Keith – there seems to be the short teaser version and then the full version, both currently trailing on Living – both seem to feature an original score though?

    Would love to see any additional trails though if you can find them online and post them here… and I’ll do my best to trace the soundtrack.

  3. You’re right about them containing large parts of original score, but the production levels of the music starting at 0:51 in the full version above makes me believe it is a standalone track, possibbly 80’s or 90’s.

  4. Hi,

    I have just seen the Living TV adverts on buses with the tag line ‘New Model Army’. I’m not sure if Living TV realise but the New Model Army was the army set up by Oliver Cromwell when invaded Ireland and who raped and pillaged their way across the country destroying several major towns. This is still a very sore point with the Irish today and one reason why they have a long standing dislike for all the thing British, even three of four hundred years later. So this isn’t the most sensitive advertising campaign in Ireland and won’t win you many fans. My wife was horrified. I actually find it very funny, but then again I am English.



  5. this is not a comment, other than I think Lisa IS better in every way than Tyra. However, I have a question which is. at the start of the advert breaks, they show model mishaps. There is one blond model wearing green, she does a proper “kiss the floor” fall, and she gets up smiling. WHAT IS HER NAME? no matter how me or friends try, we cannot find out who she is. Can someone help.

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