Flawless. Absolutely Flawless.

(Click on the image to see the full BGT performance)
(Click on the image to see the full Flawless Britain's Got Talent performance)

Now I’m not normally a huge fan of the red-top tabloid fodder that is Britain’s Got Talent (will we HAVE to endure Amanda Holden on the front page of every such paper for the next two months?), but this weekend’s opener held within its midst an absolutely blinding act.

Not exactly new to the stage, Flawless have been together for over four years and have performed at a huge range of events from Sadlers Wells to Bloomsbury West End Theatre and for companies as diverse as Nike and Haringey Council. To let them introduce themselves from their MySpace page:

Based in North London, with a combination of influence and inspiration from Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, James Brown, Bobby Brown, The Electric Boogaloos, Usher and many more bring us ‘Flawless’ to who we are today [sic].

And boy can they dance. I’ve never seen anything like it. Think Into the Hoods, meets Save the Last Dance meets Step Up and you’re probably still only halfway there. They are a supremely talented bunch of young guys, and I deeply hope that ITV’s merciless talent show manages to provide a platform to catapult them to the super-stardom that they clearly deserve. As their own little mantra states:

‘Chase the dream, not the competition.’


If these guys don’t have their own sell-out show by this time next year, I’ll eat my hat. Or some such more suitable street equivalent. And judging by Simon Cowell‘s rather overly pious commendation following their act, he’s already signed them:

I’ve always believed that we, in this country, have talent. And where we are in the world right now – it’s a horrible, tough time, particularly for young people right now. But you’re an example of a group of people, who are obviously great friends… and the example that you’ve just shown, which is that with a focus, with commitment, with a confidence, but with hard work – you can achieve something. This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.

As Ant said at the time: now that’s a compliment.


One thought on “Flawless. Absolutely Flawless.

  1. I totaly agree with you…Flawless were stunning!…such vitality and talent, with obviously a lot of hard work and commitment going into this act. So good to see young kids doing something constructive and hugely entertaining as well, that can bring joy into other peoples lives. I wish them all the luck and success they deserve.

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