Giles Coren wages war on the British squirrel population


As a well-established fan of Mr. Coren’s writings for some time, I was not disappointed in the least by his Saturday musings in The Times this weekend. On this occasion, his dry wit was aimed – with a freshly sharpened barb – at the small grey vermin now prevelant throughout most suburban gardens in the UK.

This particular piece hit home given that Coren’s words could well have been those of my father who shares with ardent passion his deep set hatred of the grey matter infiltrating his own green sanctum down in Surrey.

But whether or not you can sympathise with Coren’s rantings, they are well worth a read for pure amusement alone. He has a very natural way of presenting the smallest of anecdotes with innate humour – OK, so it’s only squirrels eating tulips, but have a read and I challenge you not to be giggling by the end.


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