Britney hearts Jack Wills too!

Clearly, to anyone that knows me, the idea of Britney shopping at JW is possibly the biggest news highlight of my day/week. So when this evening’s London’s free sheets told us as much, I figured it was worth sharing.

Apparently, so dedicated is Miss Spears to her London retail outlets and the comfort of her plush Mandarin Oriental suite, she was driven the 200+ miles from Manchester to London following her set there on Wednesday evening. Cue regional Mancunian outcry that, not only had she greeted her adoring Manchester fans with ‘What’s up London?’ (oh, Brit…), but she rejected their kind hospitality and shopping malls in favour of the South. No surprise – even her little pup is named after the English capital.

Question is, which of the cute little white dresses currently on display in the Kings Road store could our favourite pop princess have purchased and immediately donned before departing? Judging by her cute taste in short shorts, she probably walked away with a pair of these too. 

Manchester may have a Harvey Nic’s, but no Jack = no Brit. Yet another reason to love the Britster.


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