Lions rugby ads – the good, the bad and the worst

As we’ve recently been on the topic of brands capitalising on big sporting headlines, I thought it apt to take a look at two Lions rugby-themed ads which caught my eye this week. And for rather different reasons.

HSBC, main sponsor of the British & Irish Lions team have thrown a shed-load of their marketing budget at above the line activation of the sponsorship this summer – and rightly so as their main sporting sponsorship property deserves. Amongst a huge range of creatives, sits the ad below, which I just love. It’s simple, brand-warming and conveys their grassroots-rugby-support message brilliantly:

HSBC youth rugby ad

(Although I should say at this juncture that I am definitely less of a fan of their Sky Sports indents that wrap all the Lions coverage – though opinion seems widely divided on this one).

Of course, as with all major sporting properties, illegitimate brands will always try to hi-jack the topical news agenda with strategic placement of their own ads at key moments. Cue male hair-dye company Just For Men jumping on the back of the Lions’ campaign with the below. Total comedy.

Lions Just for men ad


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