Tweet your way to LA (and the Ashes)

It may be because the Ashes have taken over our office, and Twitter has taken over the Ashes, but it seems that more than ever before Twitter is ruling the world. Seriously, it has gone mental in the last few days.

Bumble is on it, Tuffers is on it – aussie Jason Gillespie has become a full-on devotee of the micro-blogging site. Hell, even TMS have their own Twitter feed. This afternoon, I was literally watching on Sky, listing to Dizzy’s TMS commentary stint and tweeting them all simultaneously. It’s getting ridiculous.

Anyway, one excellent use of the tool as a promotional mechanic (without exploiting the platform as is fast becoming frowned upon) caught my eye today:

V Australia

Steve Mullins posted a note on the fab brand e-biz site (a must for any followers of the brand marketing industry) flagging this new promotion launched by V-Australia (Virgin sub-brand). The concept of the 4320LA competition is simple – a winner is chosen to fly to LA, with two of their mates, and experience all the glitz and glam of a top LA experience in 3 days. In return, they must tweet at least once every minute of their trip – i.e. 4,320 times across the 3 days.

For the target market, clearly a youthful digitally native demographic, this is the equivalent of telling the three of them they must breathe for every 4,320 minutes of their trip. It will be as natural as that (though how they cover off the sleeping part I’m not sure – I guess the point is you’re having too much fun to sleep).

It’s a brilliant way of shouting about V-Australia’a LA route, the possibility of a short 3-day trip and reaching out to a specific audience segment. Check it out yourself. But be warned before you enter: you will have to fly from Sydney in the next month…

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