Branson hits Oz for six in Ashes promotions

Looks like Richard Branson‘s up to his old tricks again.

Branson bridge

This week saw the Virgin Media boss (already renowned for his proactive PR stunts) project an enormous image of himself onto Sydney Harbour Bridge in an effort to rile the Aussies and generate some Ashes-focused press coverage. Successfully it seems with all our national newspapers running with it and national outrage down-under.

A little more credible was the substance behind the ‘fifty50’ that subtley adorned the bottom left corner of the image. This refers to Virgin’s pledge to donate £1,000 to charity for every half-century that our England batsmen rack up throughout the 2009 Ashes campaign. Synics may point to the fact that it is all a promotional tool for Virgin’s 50Mb Broadband national roll-out, but with £3,000 already in the pot (KP, Colly and Prior), it certainly has more kudos than most PR stunts.

Branson headshot


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