Sir Elton John takes to the NFL football field

While this isn’t exactly news to me (as we’d heard the Kraft rumblings of this from our buddies over at NFL UK a while ago) now it has made its way into mainstream press via a BBC exclusive, it seemed fair game to post about.

Legend of pop Elton John is apparently an ardent fan of NFL team, the New England Patriots (so much so that he is second only to the President in congratulatory phone calls following Super Bowl wins).

So the story goes, to celebrate the Pats taking to the hallowed Wembley turf on 25th October this year for their match-up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kraft has asked his old buddy Elt if he would act as honorary captain for the day. No play-calling involved (not even waterboy duties are required). Elt will instead show his support for the team by walking out with the personnel for the coin toss – a la Becky Adlington at last year’s UK fixture.

But as the BBC exclusive below shows – at least he already has his wardrobe choice sorted.

Kraft announces Elton on BBC
(Click to view the full interview with Robert Kraft - © BBC Online)


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