Friends of Friends flock to Carnaby Street

… or at least they will, from tomorrow.

In a classic example of inspired experiential marketing, the promoters of the shiny new DVD box-set of every Friends episode *ever*, have opened an actual Central Perk cafe this week in the heart of London’s funky Carnaby Street shopping zone. And all hooked around the 15th anniversary of the hit TV show.

 Friends Central Perk ad

Taking out half page adverts in today’s Metro, thereby guaranteeing almost every Londoner’s attention, WarnerTV advertised the grand opening along with two calls to action: buy the DVD box-set and get yourself a free cup of coffee in the meantime.

Because, not content with the novelty value alone drawing in the crowds, the promoters have also posted a free-cup voucher online for Friends fans to download and spend offline.

Love it. Launch party was tonight – looking forward to seeing the stories of round-the-block queues that are bound to dominate Friday’s London press after the first day of opening.


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