Hiscox insurance calls a spade a spade

Hiscox spade billboard

Snapshot while waiting for a train this morning – a strong outdoor ad from a potentially dull brand.

CBS Outdoor Advertising did something equally striking when catching the eye of bored tube commuters at Hammersmith station a few months back.

This time, insurance company Hiscox are out to prove that they speak plainly to their customer base, cutting through all the usual jargon spouted by a lot of their financial and insurance competitiors. In this case, literally calling a spade a spade.

If my Blackberry photo resolution isn’t quite up to scratch, the copy reads:

It’s a Spade. Not an earth relocating implement.

At Hiscox, we keep our policies jargon free. After all, what’s wrong with plain English?

In a world where your water-cooler arrives via local ‘water-dispensing solution delivery operatives’ and your household trash is collected by ‘refuse waste removal management systems’, it was quite refreshing to see a spade called, well, a spade.


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