JW’s Fabulous(ly British) T’s

JW fabulous tees

Some sharp direct e-marketing from JW this morning. Aside from the fact the T’s themselves are pretty darn cute, playing on the Fabulously… tag within an array of rainbow shades, the presentation of the message is adorable.

I’ve seen a few creative pitch decks being put together in a similar fashion to the above lately, and execs seem to be taking their cue from fashion houses and graphic designers on whose labours of love the above format seems to be based. The standard Powerpoint text box is dead – laboriously photographing collections of Post-Its on a white board is the new way to express your creative ideas (and it is worth it).

As if a snapshot had been taken directly from the desk of a designer at JW HQ (staples still intact in the corner of the crumpled notepaper), there seems a desire to stamp authenticity on what could have become a standard e-mailout. The hand-drawn augmentation of the well-established ‘Fabulously British’ tag now synonymous with the brand, is a cheeky rebellious twist at once conveying both credibility and a brand personality not afraid to challenge convention. Rather reflective of their student audience I thought.

And one final thing – pretty brave for a fashion brand to launch a whole new range of T’sjust as the air turns crisp and people are starting to dig out scarves, layers and overcoats. But when you’re a JW staple, who cares about bucking the trend? Sling it over a Raubelin Henley with a scarf and a beanie and you’re good to go.


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