GANT – how pastels lit up the autumn news


I pulled this out of The Times last Friday as it literally jumped off the page at me. Granted it was largely due to the gorgeous pink bag prominently placed (and the obvious focus of the composition), but on closer inspection the ad really appealed to me. And Gant is not a label I either love or know at all well.

On further research, Gant sells itself as ‘American-style clothing with a European flair’. Sounds a lot like the sort of label that I would love. Some persistence was required with their website – the main site took an age to load and the UK version that Google points you to appears to be completely defunct – but I was dead keen to find that bag.

Being Miss Americana that I am, I’m surprised this brand is no new to me. The main site is currently re-directing to a special 60-year anniversary version, which tells a very American Dream story about the formulation of the brand and its traditional heritage. That said, it has next to nothing of the product to display, so I took the call to action in the advert and visited

But still that elusive bag escapes me. Unfortunately the only versions of the Leather Chelsea Handbag available online (for £219.00 by the way) are black and red. No pink in sight.

The reason the ad stood out so significantly to me was because it seemed so unseasonal. Look at the weather, the pastel shades, the picture perfect couple out on a summertime drive. But unseasonal though it may have been, it provided the prefect escapism  from the rainy doom and gloom of the British autumnal climate (and news surrounding the ad).

Clear call to action with the site, that got me logged on… and yet no product to purchase at the end of it. They wouldn’t have made their £219 instantly, but it sure would have been added to my Boxed Up Christmas list. Shame.


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