Jack Wills does Haute Couture

OK, well not exactly , but this is the closest they’ve been yet to real high fashion exclusivity.
Pyrie Dress Jack Wills Christmas
Pyrie Dress - Jack Wills Christmas Collection

The brand new Christmas collection launched last week and this season’s handbook is the best ever (the creative alone deserves another post at a later date).

The very first item to launch itself off the page is the Pyrie dress (above), available solely in the Check (with a very similar Kassian design also on offer in black). Strictly Limited Edition – there are only 20 of these fine pieces up for purchase – each 100% silk dress is individually hand crafted at a not inconsiderable cost of £798 a pop. In the words of older sibling brand Aubin & Wills: exclusively for the discerning.

Highly desirable and only available to those able to fit neatly into a size 10 (so not quite haute couture made-to-measure but close enough), the Pyrie is quite the statement must-have piece of the season. And if you’re balking slightly at the price, comfort yourself with the assurance that only 19 other girls in the world will own the very same.

A far cry from the Balmain sequins of my earlier post which, as the ever-growing trend expands past tipping point, are likely to have a presence at every Christmas party across the country.

JW, always looking to expand without losing desirable exclusivity, has stepped up a gear and held aloft a seasonal design that even a regular JW consumer might struggle to afford. But look at the impeccable timing: launched in the Christmas catalogue just when every little girl and boy across the land is putting together their Christmas whishlist. It might break our banks, but possibly not Santa’s/Mummy & Daddy’s.

Fear not: for those who can’t quite stretch even to the regular line, who gleefully poor over the rails at the Bicester Village outlet, take a look at what’s launching online:

JW outlet

Though of course, exclusively by invitation only.  And there’s a HUGE waiting list. Natch.


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