The NFL rumour mill: The Who do Super Bowl XLIV

The Who

The unofficial word on the street today (or rather the New York Daily Post) is whispering that Brit rockers The Who will perform during halftime at this season’s Super Bowl in Miami on 7th February 2010.

The band, led by surviving members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, are all set for the big NFL season finale, according to Sports Illustrated – accompanied by a typical SI Swimsuit Tori Praver rocking The Who‘s band t-shirt.

The NFL hasn’t confirmed the booking, saying only that, “When we have something to announce, we’ll announce it.”

But the choice of the renowned British rockers makes sense, since CBS uses Who songs as intros for all three of its “CSI” shows: “Who Are You” (“CSI”), “Baba O’Riley” (“CSI: NY”) and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (“CSI: Miami”).

The NFL Super Bowl, which draws TV’s biggest annual audience, is traditionally a huge showcase for A-list acts during the halftime show.

In past years, the roster of performers has included Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson (and her infamous “wardrobe malfunction“), Paul McCartney, U2, The Rolling Stones, Prince and Bruce Springsteen.

CBS officials had no comment yesterday either. Sadly, despite having the inside track on Elton John at the Wembley game earlier this year, this one as it remains an unconfirmed unofficial rumour. Chances are that the official line will be announced during the Thanksgiving broadcasts in a couple of weeks’ time, so watch this space.

Perhaps though, this is a premonition that the Who Dats (otherwise known as the New Orleans Saints) might just make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Based on their form so far, it’s more than likely (plus we love them since they came to the UK last year, and won).

Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Well, err, maybe The Who.


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