Glee – totally quotable

(c) FOX Broadcasting

It’s finally arrived. Glee. In the UK. On E4. Right now.

But before I start writing reams about how super-amazing it is (and I will), a few choice quotes from tonight’s first episode (of a double bill) to whet your appetites for the dry, dark humour of Ryan Murphy‘s newest treasure. Just a quick slice of the dialogue, a cynical, starkly insightful comment on popular youth culture:

“All these kids feel invisible. That’s why they all have a MySpace page.”
~ Mr. Schuester

“I have a phoner in a few moments. That’s an interview. On the phone. With a major media outlet.”
~ Sue Sylvester

“My MySpace page keeps me busy every minute of every single day. Fame is the most important thing in our culture. Being a part of something special makes you special, right?”
~ Rachel Berry

“You’re very talented. I should know. I’m very talented too.”
~ Rachel Berry


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