Shall we take a taxi darling? No, I think I’d rather drive…

In Rob Walker‘s must-read brand/consumer relationship book Buying In, he states:

“Wherever a new kind of audience or public forms, a new ad venue is created.”

This is hard to deny, which is why we see advertising space on every possible communication platform – from bus stops to the adhesive back of car park tickets.

Cab receipts are no exception and I’m always interested to see what brands feel they can derive revenue from using this space. Well, from a recent cab ride in London town I can conclude that dating sites fall into this category. What prompted me to post this particular piece on the blog was the nature of the message used to capture their target audience:

Not satisfied with targeting the single cab customer, is specifically targeting those already engaged in relationships. For any doubters out there, the reverse side expanded on its message:

The final line pretty much states this is not merely a dating site, but one exclusively for those persuing extra-marrital relations. Erm, novel. And, if MetroEncounter’s targeted advertising is anything to go by, it would seem that (at least they believe) those of us who take cabs are more likely than average to have an affair. I think I’d rather walk.


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