A Brand Personality Test

A cute branding discovery this morning: Digital marketing consultancy Mate‘s online brand personality test (brought to my attention my @GWoffer). Amazingly, by your selection of 5 brands from the presentation of 5 pairs of brands (Adidas/Nike; Apple/Google; Coca-Cola/Pepsi; Burger King/McDonald’s; American Express/Visa), Mate can find out a little bit about you.

Mate is the digital outfit of Dutchman Ruud Verdellen (the genius who has garnered ‘absolutelegend’ as his personalized Facebook URL), and while both him and Mate were new names to me until this morning, this little device has already enticed me to their services. The kooky functionality of the simple website makes it high impact (but presumably low cost) with cute little features like a random facts and random questions generator on the homepage, presenting the appearance of a consultant(cy) genuinely interested in questioning the world around them. Essentially implying that Mate is more than just another digital consultancy. And proof you don’t need a whizz-bang website to say so.

Anyhoo, my results came out pretty accurately. Fair enough I’m not dating Johnny Depp, and most people will have been seen with a Mojito in their hand at some stage, but the personality bit, the favoured car, and the fact I am heading off to Cape Town in 3 weeks might be more than just coincidence.

Take the test yourself and see how you fare.


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