Wordle view of the first Leaders’ Debate

It was quite an amazing social media experience last night being part of the first Leaders’ Debate, shown on ITV1 (or ITV1HD as they are trying to get us all watching).

Twitter went completely mental in an effort to keep up, offering up some quite interesting stats by the end on all those twittering away using the #leadersdebate hashtag:

total tweets: 184,396

average frequency: 29.06 tweets per second

total tweeters: 36,483

Comments on everything from policies, key arguments and debate tensions to the dated set design, the increasing panicky refereeing from Alistair Stewart and the colour of the candidates’ ties. Largely it was pure banter, making the whole process not just informative but hugely entertaining.

Anyhoo, main reason for the post was a cute little Wordle cloud, sent out on Twitter this morning by @benayers, Social Media Manager at ITV.com. An interesting visual representation showing the focus of each of the three in their commentary. And here it is:

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