Karl Lagerfeld hits the (Diet Coke) bottle

How cute is this?

Favourite soft drink partnering with epic design talent. And before you brush this off as just another brand exercise reaching its target market (though bravo Coca-Cola on that front too), it may interest you to know that Lagerfeld actually has more of a tangible link with the brand than the dollar paid to slap his image and signature on a Diet Coke bottle.

Back in 2005, rumour had it that his slimming techniques have centered around dedicated consumption of the soft drink. That and horse meat. Yum. But fair play to the guy – he shifted 90 pounds apparently. I’ve also just discovered that so thrilled was the fashion mogul with his achievement, he even authorized the publication of his insights in a book, aptly if unimaginatively named The Karl Lagerfeld Diet.

And, like every established fashionista, he naturally employed staff to fulfil his every whim. During a break in a New York fashion shoot in 2008, a butler was seen delivering a goblet of his miracle juice to see him through the final half an hour (thanks to Towelroad for this tidbit):

Lagerfeld diet coke butler
(via Mordechai Rubinstein on flickr)

Sadly for us UK folk, the little beauties above are only available in Paris, from Colette. A snip at 60 Euros. Though if you did want to put Lagerfeld’s diet theories to the test, the standard 330ml can multi-packs might work out a bit more economical.

Regardless of what you think about his methods, you can’t fault the guy for his honesty. When asked why he dieted in the first place, he replied:

“It was for totally superficial reasons that I got started on this diet.

I think that fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight.”

Bravo brand, bravo brand ambassador.


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