Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

NFL Victorias Secret PINK
Supermodels Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel stopped by the NFL Draft back in April to walk the red carpet and preview the new collection (thejetsetgirls.com)

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret today launches their take on NFL merchandise with a brand new collection from their PINK range.

The partnership sees two very different brands come together to provide the NFL’s female audience base with some cute apparel, bringing new customers to the VS PINK brand, and introducing NFL colours into the wardrobes of PINK customers all over the U.S. Everybody wins.

Forever a fan of the PINK VS range, and always on the look-out for cute girlified NFL wear, this was pretty exciting news for my Wednesday morning.

In turns out that two of the lovely VS Angels premiered a couple of pieces back in April, providing some welcome entertainment for the players and entourages in attendance at the NFL Draft at Radio City in New York. And today, the full collection launches online and in store.

The VS deal covers 13 teams from the NFL: Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers.

The PINK brand has always had a huge presence in the social media space, with very active Twitter and Facebook portals, and they maximised the use of this yesterday in building buzz for the collection’s launch today. In a Draft-like fashion, each team that had been chosen as part of the range was unveiled gradually over the course of the day between 9am and 9pm, and announced with an image on the Facebook page. Each of the 13 images generated thousands of  ‘like’s and hundreds of comments.

As always, the brand is pretty difficult to purchase in the U.K. and I should imagine it is unlikely that the NFL collection will reach the few concessions that do retail over here. A shame, given the hard work that the NFL is doing to develop and grow its international fan-base. In recent years,VS has been able to offer international shipping (starting at $30 for UK customers) but you’re better off hitting up your U.S. buddies to do a bit of personal shopping on your behalf.

Though sadly, not one of our adopted NFL ‘home’ teams over here have had their franchise picked up. For the past 3 years, the big NFL party has come to London town in October offering us a regular season game at Wembley. This year is no different with the San Francisco 49ers generously offering us one of their home fixtures as they take on the Denver Broncos on October 31st. While VS PINK has developed the Bronco’s colours into their range, the 49ers were not included. Neither were the Dolphins, the Saints or the Bucs.

That aside, when the collection launches online later today, I will be first in line for a browse. Game on.

Washington Redskins NFL Victoria Secret
Washington Redskins jersey from the PINK NFL collection (c) 2010 Victoria's Secret PINK

4 thoughts on “Tickled PINK by Victoria’s Secret’s new NFL range

  1. How in the world can they not include the San Francisco 49ers? I’ve been waiting over 21 years for an NFL line of clothing and garments from Victoria Secret to only have my hopes shattered. I’ve been a San Francisco 49ers fan all of my life and have remained faithful to my football team during the good times as well as unfortunate times. To see that one of the most storied franchises in NFL history was overlooked when determining the Victoria Secret NFL clothing line is extremely upsetting to me.

    Broncos and Panthers but no 49ers? Absolutely Ridiculous!

  2. You’re so right Erin! I’m gutted there aren’t any 49ers pieces included in the collection. From a UK perspective, the 49ers are one of the most iconic NFL teams of all time. We’re really excited to have them here in October and it would be cool for all us girls to support our adopted home team in VS PINK gear. I sense a campaign brewing – if we yell loud enough from the sidelines they might listen!

  3. i cant believe this…i couldnt wait for the NFL collection to come out…and no Dolphins. REALLY?!?!?! How can you say its the NFL collection when you don’t even have the whole nfl teams!?

  4. I know Kristina! Such a cute collection and missing some integral teams… we just gotta hope they sign them up pronto for next season!

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