Charlotte for Britain’s Next Top Model

Charlotte Holmes BNTM

As a devoted fan of America’s Next Top Model, I’ve never been as big a fan of the British version (past posts excepted), but this current series is definitely the best yet.

The challenges have been imaginative, Elle is by far the better host (let’s face it, it is Britain’s TOP Model after all) and frankly, the mix of girls has been spot on. There is one for every girl to identify with and every guy to lust over, no matter what your type is.

However, there is one true shining star of this show and my winner by a country mile: Charlotte.

I don’t quite know what it is, an infectious energy, constant positivity or the fact that Julien had a go at her size (I mean, PLEASE) but I’m rapidly forming a rapid girl crush on this girl. Move over Emma Watson. Enter Charlotte Holmes.

And what’s more, for the first time EVER, BNTM is showing the final LIVE and apparently, we get to be the judges. How cool is that?! Put it in your diary now girls (4th October) and get your Blackberries/iPhones at the ready. Because this girl just has to win.


One thought on “Charlotte for Britain’s Next Top Model

  1. Gutted to see Charlotte leave this week. The BNTM site, Facebook page and her own fan pages were awash with comments of support for her and disappointment at the judge’s decision.

    The most sceptical felt it was an intentional exclusion from the public-voted final, given Charlotte’s huge proven fan base likely to turn it into a popularity contest, with Charlotte winning by a landslide.

    I happen to agree that had she been in the final, that would most-likely have been the result, and as much as I am a fan, I have to admit that it’s not what the show is about, and had that happened it may have undermined the show’s very objectives.

    While it is slightly strange that despite seeming to have the best shot and the best commercial shoot in that episode and yet still she found herself sent home packing, I believe the judges saw a sweetness in Charlotte that weakened her Top Model potential. When do the more commercial girls ever win Top Model seasons? Rarely. If it was Britain’s Next Loveliest Model, our Char would have won hands down.

    Overall, whilst hugely disappointing for her legion of fans (myself included) it seems a sound decision on the judges’ part, retaining the ethos and credibility of what the show is all about.

    And what’s more, I’m pretty sure Charlotte has a guaranteed TV career ahead of her. We haven’t seen her give acting a decent shot yet either (Hollyoaks task aside) so who knows, she could get her dream of being a Bond girl yet.

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