The M&S Tortoise

Being the brand geek that I am, this blog is no stranger to featuring my favourite print ads (and I’ve recently started a TV ad playlist on my YouTube channel to capture my broadcast favourites too).

So here’s a little charmer from this morning’s press (this particular execution sat in the Daily Express).

He’s cute. It’s a tortoise. In a woolly bobble hat. Heating his home. What’s not to love?

But largely, it is all about timing. And that is the beauty of tactical advertising. Over the last 10 days, London has become considerably colder, with those annual domestic arguments over when to turn on the heating beginning in earnest. Why the arguments? Because energy isn’t cheap – but wouldn’t it be great if you could heat your home, knowing you were saving money too…? Enter the M&S Tortoise.



2 thoughts on “The M&S Tortoise

  1. Just to let you know that Mr Spenser (the tortoise) is keeping well insulated in his winter warmers. His favourite past time is eating peas and hiding under the furniture.
    We were expecting him to hibernate soon, but he is still keeping busy under his warm winter woolies.
    Kind regards

  2. Such great news! Thanks for dropping by Sue, please send our regards to Mr S.

    Super news that he is a fellow fan of peas also. Here at The Writing’s On the Wall we also shares his love.

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