My Little Pony as you’ve never seen her before

My Little PonyFor any of you who grew up in the 80’s – girls especially, or at least had a younger sister – you will be no stranger to the My Little Pony brand. A less natural looking animal you probably couldn’t conceive, but hours of fun. I LOVED them. Pink, purple, baby blue… hair you could plat, brush, cut (and sometimes that grew back)… with random cute hearts/rainbows/clouds printed on their haunch. As a six-year-old girl, what is not to love?

(And throw in a beauty stable/salon with clip on accessories – the envy of many a MLP fan – and you’d be lost for days).

Well, enter Finnish artist Mari Kasurinan, who has charmingly transformed the iconic toy into celebrity portraits. As the Telegraph featured last week, there is a whole collection of these little creations and they are so darned cute I felt I needed them on this blog too.

Mari Kasurinan

So, begging the permission of Ms. Kasurinan, I have picked out the best of the bunch below. I hope they fetch a fortune. As with their predecessors, each is unique and thus highly collectible. But once you have one, you just want them all.

Everyone always had a favourite, which is yours?

Marilyn Monroe My Little Pony
Marilyn Monroe (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
vivienne westwood my little pony
Vivienne Westwood (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
lady gaga my little pony
Lady Gaga (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
lady gaga my little pony
..another Gaga (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
Johnny Depp (as the Mad Hatter) (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
michael jackson my little pony
Michael Jackson (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
Rorschach my little pony
Rorschach (Watchmen) (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
wonder woman my little pony
Wonder Woman (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
my spock my little pony
Mr Spock (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features
batman and robin my little pony
Batman & Robin (c) Mari Kasurinan/Rex Features

4 thoughts on “My Little Pony as you’ve never seen her before

  1. Agreed!!! I love mad Hatter not even a fan of MLP but LOVE the Mad hatter!! would totally buy it!

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