On appreciating Skyrim

Well, less appreciation for Skyrim and more for Lemur Lady, who has so well encapsulated what it means to be widowed in reality by this world of total un-reality, that I’ve had to re-post it here.

For those (blessed) un-initiated few, Skyrim is the latest in immersive role play video gaming (think dragons, magic, castles, lots of aimless wandering through medieval landscapes etc. etc.). If your housemate/boyfriend/husband enters this realm, prepare to live alone. Oh and did I mention it NEVER ENDS?

At the time, I read Lemur Lady’s post and it thoroughly tickled me, to quite a disproportionate degree given that until that point I didn’t even know what Skyrim was, let alone had seen it in action.

Now that I have experienced it (well, second-hand as I watch my better half slowly plunge into its mysteriously addictive depths night after night), I find Lemur Lady’s words so pant-wettingly accurate, I have to re-post them here.

What not to say to someone who is playing Skyrim:

“Gosh. That is loud”

“How are you carrying all that stuff? That’s ridiculous.”

“Is that you on fire?”

“You’ve bought a house? I thought this was medieval warfare, not the Sims.”

“Awesome, a dragon! Wait…don’t…don’t hit it! LEAVE THE DRAGON ALONE!!! What’s it done to you? Have you any idea how endangered those things are?”

“She is so not appropriately dressed for that sort of weather”

“Haven’t you already done this bit? Twice? Oh. It was you on fire”

“Surely once you’ve wandered around one dungeon looking for an amulet, you’ve wandered round them all?”

“There’s an awful lot of walking in this, isn’t there?”

“Is something going to happen soon?”

“You’re going shopping now? This is like real life. Only with more walking.”

“Why does everyone have so many consonants in their names? It’s like they’ve been picked out of a Scrabble bag.”

“Can I unplug *this* one to plug my laptop in? What do you mean I’m in the way of the screen? Oh look, you’re on fire again.”

Source: Knitting My Own Yoghurt

I’m slowly working my way through the list.

Do check out the rest of Lady Lemur’s blog, and while you’re at it, browse her awesome collection of hand-made wares as well. Don’t mind the scary-looking lemur. I’m pretty sure he’s harmless.

Unlike Skyrim. Which will eat you alive.


*You can follow Lemur Lady’s antics on Twitter here. Be prepared to giggle.

* You can purchase Skyrim here. Be prepared to commit social suicide.

* Fellow Skyrim widows should also read this. Evidently, you are not alone.



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