Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

As a lover of baking, baked goods and cheese, and a reluctant sporadic gym-user, I was delighted with this Facebook share today. Now I know the key is in the presentation and one is (supposedly) deserted in the jungle with no luxuries to her name, while the other appears to glammed up for some kind of red carpet do – and clearly the assets bestowed upon them by the divine differ hugely as well – but the juxtaposition is amusing nonetheless.

The moral of the story? Screw detox, eat cake.


3 thoughts on “Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

  1. Most likely the difference is the amount of money spent spent on facelifts, plastic surgery and breast augmentation.

  2. Ola! Luciebartlett,
    Very interesting, I am recovering from a bacterial infection in my body and was on multiple different antibiotics for a little more than a month. My body is totally screwed up and I gained about 10 pounds (actually ate healthier and less than before) and bloated up like a balloon!

    I need to lose weight soon because I cant wear anything else but sweatpants right now and really cant afford to keep buying new clothes. I planned to try a detox product to rid toxins from my body.

    Does anyone know a good detox product that works or something to rid all this bloating water? Also is it common to gain weight from antibiotics and retain water??? How long will this water stay on?? Please help!

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