Fashion Week Highlights

For the first time this season, I got to enjoy the catwalk crazy on both sides of the Atlantic, and without the nervous excitement of our own impending show production looming. So time for a little reflection. Given that it’s Oscars weekend, in true Academy fashion, I want to celebrate my Fashion Week favourites with a few Award presentations…

  • Best Theatrical Effects: FYODOR GOLAN

Tribal nose ring jewels, butterfly-like maxis with endless fabric, pearlised mosaic effect gown with staggering headpiece and, of course, that shimmering green nymph. Quite stunning and (gasp) only their first solo season on-schedule following their Fashion Fringe win last September.

  • Most readily wearable RTW: Jean-Pierre Braganza
jean-pierre braganza

A new name to me this season, but no stranger to the show schedule, J-PB showed a collection that impressed me in its symmetry and completeness. The purple palette running through each piece was lush for A/W and I particularly loved the styling of the leg warmers over heels that accompanied every second look. Chic, for sure, and one to watch.

  • Best Modern Couturier: Corrie Nielsen
Corrie Nielsen AW12
(c) / La Petite Anglaise

Just stunning. To involve such enormous volumes of fabric and maintain such structure was impressive. A big fan of a solid Stewart tartan myself (if, for my budgets, of the Jack Wills variety), I couldn’t help but love every piece.

  • Most Enduring Trend: Tartan (@ Corrie Nielsen, KTZ & Michael Kors)
Corrie Nielsen tartan
Corrie Nielsen (c) Wonderland
KTZ (c)
Michael Kors AW12
Michael Kors (c)

New York’s biggest collection (Kors put 65 models down the runway) was engulfed by it; London Fashion Week opened and closed with it (though the two shows could not have been more contrasting). Corrie Nielsen took the historical spirit of her Scottish forefathers and twisted it into breathtaking gowns presented with grace and impossible elegance. At KTZ the models swaggered at a pace down the catwalk swaddled in multiple thick layers of the stuff (hats, coats, trousers, you name it), topped off with some serious bling.

  • Best Use of Denim: JENA.THEO

There are companies around the world who employ a ‘no jeans’ policy in the workplace in the belief that denim is the ultimate marker of casual, even scruffy, attire. No further could this be from the truth than at JENA.THEO. Sometimes paired down with simpler tunics and shirts in the label’s traditional muted tones, but the real stand-out looks featured beautifully printed silk pieces draping elegantly over their classic skin-tight denim. Long live the jean.

  • Best Cosmetic Accessory: Face lace (@ Corrie Nielsen)
face lace @ Corrie Nielsen
(c) Reuters
face lace @ Corrie Nielsen
(c) Mark Large

A gorgeous extension of the fabric to the face, and how often is that possible without looking pantomime? But could it translate from catwalk to sidewalk? Slightly hesitant to try it at home for fear of wearing more glue than lace, but if Lauren Conrad can do it


  • Most versatile staple: Metallic/sequins skirt (@ FELDER FELDER, Jean-Pierre Braganza & Whitney Eve)
Whitney Eve AW12
Whitney Eve (c) Getty
felder felder AW12
Jean-Pierre Braganza AW12
Jean-Pierre Braganza (c)

Not having bought into the metallic trend yet, I was converted by a couple of styling options that cropped up in several places. In New York, Whitney Port paired her sequins with a simple blue blouse embellished at the shoulders – a party look I loved. FELDER FELDER and J-PB took a more daytime-friendly approach, pairing a metallic finish skirt with a cosy chunky knit.

  • Best Cameo: Sh*t Fashion Girls Say (@ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York)

Patrick Pope at MBFW New YorkSpotted generally being fabulous, whilst hanging around the Lincoln Centre piazza, a blonde bearded Patrick Pope of The Platform was back in style for the third installment of this hilarious fashion girl spoof video series. Check it out below (and its forerunners, here). Just. Totes. Amaze.

N.B. If you didn’t make it to New York or London and you fancy a taste of the fash pack world, make sure you head down to London Fashion Weekend this weekend at Somerset House. Imagine the ultimate sample sale, with fro-yo and a blow dry thrown in, and you’re almost there. It’s fabulous.


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