The reverse French braid ballerina bun (from Poland)

Piotr Drzal Piland Fashion Week

Last month, I had the pleasure of some international Fashion travel to none other than Łódź, Poland (well, why stop at New York, right?). A burgeoning Fashion Week, that is growing each year, FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is an event particularly encouraging of young designers – which is reason enough itself to see what they have to offer.

But my favourite trend that I took away was, oddly enough, not in the clothes. Piotr Drżał sent his girls down his very dramatic runway with gravity-defying top-knots, but when they turned on their heel and sashayed their return we saw that the messy buns were supported by an intricate weave of a reverse French plait.

No stranger to either the braid or the ballerina, I had never seen them combined and I just loved it. So, I set about learning how.

First off, Lauren Conrad’s (or, more accurately, Kristen Ess’s) ballerina bun tutorial from The Beauty Department is my go-to hairstyle when full-on styling is just not an option:

But that’s stage 2. Stage 1 is essentially an upside-down French braid:

If you can’t deal with the 10-minute long head-rush (5 after you’ve had a bit of practice), there is a way of doing it without putting your head between your knees. It’s more relaxed, it has a twist to it but personally, I think it’s a bit of a faff – but here’s your alternative:

And so, for a first attempt, not too shabby:

Reverse French braid ballerina bun

With thanks to Piotr Drżał, Luxy Hair and The Beauty Department (and Moda Forte for a very fun trip).



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