“Lull’d in these flowers with dances and delight”

I’ve been playing with flowers over the last couple of weeks and thought I’d share the pretty spoils. A mixture of  home improvements, a late summer wedding and an evening Fashion Week reception at the  funky St. Martin’s Hotel. My excuse was friends coming to stay from abroad but I would adore weekly fresh florals at home if the pennies would stretch. I’m no flower snob – equally happy with hardy bargains at Sainsbury’s and professionally arranged wedding centre-pieces.

I’ve divided them thematically into seasons based on the colours and aesthetic, but all are recent arrangements so seasonally available currently:

‘Spring’ @ home (via Sainsbury’s)

spring florals carnations in jugCarnations are the most under-valued flower I know. Inexpensive, last for ages, fragrant and available in a rainbow of colours, these hardy beauties are my go-to. The pink/white pastel colour blend here, combined with the lemon sorbet yellow of the jug is actually quite spring-like but, combined with a Diptyque mini candle in Freesia, offered our visitors a bright welcome to their guest bedroom after a long journey through the autumn rains. I just love the country-kitchen vintage vibe of using a water jug as a vase too.

‘Summer’ @ St. Martin’s Lane Hotel

flowers hydrangeas st martins lane hotelGreeting guests in the lobby of this contemporary West End hotel was an enormous sculptural stone vase (standing probably 8 feet tall) and filled to the brim with hot pink hydrangeas. Beauty in simplicity and a bold design statement that captures the sophisticated fun of the venue.



‘Autumn’ @ a late summer wedding

wedding florals summerOne of the joys of lasting the distance on the dance floor at a wedding is that, whilst stumbling out and thanking the bride and groom, you’re sometimes offered the floral centre-pieces to take home, saving bundles of blooms from being discarded at the day’s end. A mixture of cream and peach roses bedded amongst a wilderness of evergreens and wild flowers with a few berries dotted through. These garnished our living room coffee table for two weeks after the wedding, keeping the oasis damp to sustain their life.

‘Winter’ @ home (via Sainsbury’s)

Florals winter red purpleI’m a big fan of bold colour combinations (my summer blend of choice was grass-green and hot pink; I’m currently loving navy blue and a deep burgundy). Purple and vibrant red is regal and strong, with this arrangement taking us towards the winter months with just a frosting of white chrysanthemums. Like my carnations above, the hardiness, colour variety and good value of chrysanths lead them to be discarded by floral purists but they last the distance and brighten the room – the only two qualities that really matter to me. I just love the punch of the pillar box red carnations. As chrysanthemums are not particularly fragrant, I have a stick diffuser (from NEXT in wild fig) placed adjacent to lift the room.


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