Craft Corner: Pop-corn candle holders

corn candles

To deck out the flat for Thanksgiving (being my first one, and in the UK), I’m taking inspiration largely from Pinterest.

Starting with a festive striped table runner (John Lewis), and weaving an ornamental vine of autumn leaves and fruit (Floristry Warehouse) along this, I wanted to then add a simple candle arrangement that matched the theme.

This is a really easy craft creation, using basic pieces you can easily find online, cheaply, and throw together in 15 minutes.


  • 4 x empty jars [ideally different sizes for an eclectic look]
  • Pop corn kernels (approx 500g)
  • 4 x lengths of natural raffia (each approx 50cm long)
  • 4 x white votive candles*


  1. Pour approx 100g of popcorn kernels into each jar. Top up until each is just under half full, making sure you leave enough space for the votive candle to sit on top, lit, beneath the rim of the jar.
  2. Wrap a strand of raffia twice around each jar, along the line of the popcorn kernels, fastening with a bow at the front.
  3. Place a candle in each jar, pressing into the top layer of the kernels so it nests securely.

…and voila! Let there be seasonal light.

*[TIP: If you’re looking to re-use these again and again, I would recommend using long-burning tea lights instead of votives. I chose votives because I loved the shape and pure white in the jars, but you’ll find that the candles melt into the top layer of the kernels, which are then pretty tricky to extract!]

festive fall candles


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