Poetry Please

Poetry Please

It had been all quiet on the blog of late. Apologies to all (both) visitors – the occasional (Emma) or the avid (my Dad). All this writing-for-work malarky has done wonders for my professional motivation but has killed my blogs stone dead. So I’m returning with a new, hope-to-make regular, feature.

Not long ago I found a spot of verse-writing a healthy vent for some of life’s more testing trials. I’m a habitual reader but poetry has never really floated my boat – still less have I written than read. That said, I recently found a therapeutic benefit in thrashing through emotional reactions to a situation in verse form: it provides a creative outlet to absorb all the drama, prompting more considered conclusions back in the real world. Who knew? Endless historical battles and bloodshed of yore could possibly have been assuaged by sworn enemies simply putting quill to paper before jumping on their horse.

It was soon after this that I came across a bunch of little ditties I’d written through the ages. Whilst they certainly won’t be wresting Carol Ann Duffy‘s position from her any time soon, I thought they might as well see the light of day.

(Safe to say the same fate does not await my other recent discovery – my first novel The Rabbits written, so the jacket art boasts, aged five and three quarters. It seems that in 1991, those all-important three quarters could have been difference between Booker-worthy work and literary obscurity. No, that mortifying gem lies safely tucked away on a shelf.)

Anyhow, I’ll be dropping a few verses on the blog over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy.


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