Poetry Please: Friendship

Poetry Please


Friends are warm comfort after a shock,
Friends are the key that fits in the lock.
Friends are fresh rains coming after a drought,
Friends are the whisper instead of the shout.

Friends are oases amidst desert sands,
Friends are the pathways to faraway lands.
Friends are the food source when famine is rife,
Friends are protection, deflecting the knife.

Friends are the hope when it seems there is none,
Friends are what make two far better than one.
Friends are the hand always helping you up,
Friends are the saucer supporting the cup.

Friends are the wishes that always come true,
Friends are the ones who accept you as you.
Friends are the sunshine in grey cloudy sky,
Friends are the twinkle in every eye.

Friends are what’s certain when all is in doubt,
Friends are one sure thing you can’t live without.

(June 2002)


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