Poetry Please: The Gift

Poetry Please

The Gift

I give you a house.
The choice is yours.
You can keep it clean and tidy
Or, not –
Living in perpetual mess and disorder.

I give you a town.
The choice is yours.
The townsfolk could be happy
In well-built houses with good jobs for all.
Or not.
Children could roam the streets,
Wild and hungry,
While disease runs rampant and depression spreads.

I give you a country.
The choice is yours.
Rule it well,
Gain power, money,
Balance your cultural melting pot with enviable peace,
Or – don’t.
Watch your nation divide into a bloody civil war.

I give you the world.
The choice is yours.
To live harmoniously,
Respecting your own kind,
Caring for the places you inhabit –
Or not.
Destroy it, war with your own people.
Steal, Murder.
Live adulterous lives.
Neglect your world as it withers from the absence of
Morality, love or peace.

I give you life.
The choice is yours.

(June 2002*)

*Shortly after penning this, I came across the Biblical quote (Deuteronomy): ‘I have set before you life and death… therefore choose life.’ Never having been remotely religious, it was a bizarre coincidence. A more likely inspiration was watching a few too many war reports on the 10 o’clock News.


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