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Salad Days: food of the goddesses

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Salad is decidedly a summer food group. Although our short-lived summer already seems to be vanishing, my capacity for tossing one together from the jumbled remnants in my fridge and calling it dinner knows no limits.

It’s usually only when I have the flat to myself of an evening that I can get away with salad constituting a main meal. Men, I find, rarely consider mixed lettuce with some trimmings an acceptable side dish, let alone a meal in and of itself, but oh the joys they miss out on.

Some of my earliest gastronomic memories involve tottering around the house clutching red and orange sliced peppers and those tiny red boxes of Sun-Maid California raisins – safe to say I was brought up on a snack fest of fruit and veg; an appetite that hasn’t dissipated with age.

My aforementioned spontaneous salad-drawer emptying has led to some interesting concoctions of late, which I plan to share on the blog over the next few weeks as a new recipe series, Salad Days. On evenings when you’re time and energy poor, can’t face a detour via Sainsbury’s and suffer as I do from the gnawing guilt of sedentary days spent at a computer whilst a growing yoga/pilates/’Pump It Up DanceNation’ DVD collection slowly gathers dust at the back of the TV stand, you have the added bonus of it at least being an altruistic supper.

Salads being a food choice for warmer months, it is a little late in the day, but as we Brits tenaciously cling on to the final weeks of our so-called-summer – refusing to part with cotton dresses and ballet pumps until we are wringing them dry from the daily downpours – I’ll be eeking out the salad days at my place for as long as possible. As long as you have something to form my four salad must-havescolourcrunch, protein & greenery – you can’t go far wrong.

Stay tuned.



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