about me

When I was little, and most of my friends wanted to be teachers, or doctors, or professional show-jumpers, I wanted to be Graydon Carter.

I love writing. And until I figure out how I can turn words into money, I do it for fun – here and over at Making a Marque too, where I get to ramble on about a blend of two more of my passions: marketing and fashion.

Loving all things Americana, I probably should have been born Stateside, but being a Londoner born and (mostly) bred, I have to make do with absorbing every TV show set in an American high school featuring a higher-than-average ratio of beautiful people.

With a professional background in marketing, when I’m not watching re-runs of Britain’s/America’s/Australia’s Next Top Model on Sky+, I love watching brands evolve and market themselves to an increasingly fickle, commercially savvy audience.

Influenced by behavioural economists like Rob Walker (Buying In) and Dan Ariely (Predictably Irrational), I am fascinated by how and why we browse, purchase and consume. Shopping, in other words.

So it’s pretty cool that I now get to spend my days working in the retail industry, writing and editing. I am one of those annoying people who honestly loves their job.

If you have an opinion on anything you read on this blog, please do leave a deliciously controversial comment. I love reading them. It’s like when you get actual post that isn’t a bill or a bank statement. It’s honestly that good.


3 thoughts on “about me

  1. Thank you so much. What a wonderful comment to read on a Friday morning. Or any morning for that matter. Thank you x

  2. I love it! No wait, you said you want controversial comments, dammit! Ok… Fashion sucks! 😉 Time to dust off my blogging gloves methinks! xx

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