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Craft Corner: How to make a Thanksgiving Tree

Since making my first ever Thanksgiving Tree last year, I would recommend the concept to anyone. Their significance stretches far beyond US, to a year-round family tradition. Continue reading Craft Corner: How to make a Thanksgiving Tree


Fitzgerald’s cityscape & urban decay

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gradually been falling out of love with London. City life, and London especially, offers a treasure-trove of experiences. Its rich history, culture and melting pot of global visitors makes it enriching for some – for most. But it possibly also has a time limit, an expiration date. When I first started travelling to places with significantly more living space (i.e. anywhere but England really),  I was uncomfortable with how far apart everything and everyone seemed. The cosmopolitan, bustling Sydney – Darling Harbour, early-ish Saturday morning – was a comparable ghost town compared to … Continue reading Fitzgerald’s cityscape & urban decay

“Too many voices and predigested food” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words of warning

With the The Great Gatsby love-affair still dominating the zeitgeist, I’ve started digging into some other Fitzgerald titles to see if any could grab me as Gatbsy does, year after year. I was struck whilst reading This Side of Paradise, his first novel, how certain commentaries rung so true to modern life. Almost as if he had a foresight quite remarkably ahead of his time. More likely is that he was able to observe and capture certain society fundamentals that remain true through the generations – a unique talent that contributes to his timeless appeal and long-standing as an American … Continue reading “Too many voices and predigested food” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words of warning

Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

Brunch is possibly my favourite ever mealtime. As much for the types of dishes usually served up (eggs, pancakes, lashings of crispy bacon) as for the time of day, day of the week and the whole laissez-faire feeling it invokes. Not sprightly enough for breakfast, but with too hearty an appetite to wait for lunch and best served up on a weekend accompanied by proper steaming coffee, freshly squeezed juice and the company of loved ones. It also reminds me of a place dear to my heart, New York City. From my groaning stack of cook-books, my trusty Lazy Brunch … Continue reading Hungover brunch: poached eggs smash hash

World Poetry Day – everyone’s a poet

Happy World Poetry Day one and all! This date hadn’t occurred to me until reading the wonderful Lucy Mangan in this week’s Stylist magazine, and though she decries the artform as not for her, even she manages to finish her column with a spontaneous burst of verse. Granted, she is a literary fireball, but in four short funny lines, she nailed a little ditty just like that: “The boy stood on the burning deck, His feet were full of blisters. The flames came up and burned his pants And now he wears his sister’s.” Why not have a go today? … Continue reading World Poetry Day – everyone’s a poet

Thought of the day: from Seth Godin’s Icarus

“We’ve been trained to prefer being right to learning something, to prefer passing the test to making a difference, and most of all, to prefer fitting in with the right people, the people with the economic power. Now it’s your turn to stand up and stand out.” For more gems like this, pick up a copy of Seth‘s latest tome, The Icarus Deception, out now. Continue reading Thought of the day: from Seth Godin’s Icarus

Poetry Please: Whispers

Whispers Amongst good friends, when troubles brew, Mind what you say, watch what you do. Resist the need to analyse The goings on in others’ lives And make quite sure that what you see Is not projected fallacy. As even with the best intention, Making thoughtful intervention Could so easily misplace What you perceive to be the case. Unfounded whispers distance friends And fractured words prove tough to mend. Who said what to whom should just Not be enough to earn your trust. Let rumours be and if in doubt, Leave those involved to work it out. (December 2012) Continue reading Poetry Please: Whispers