Catvertising: why more ad agencies need to learn to laugh at themselves

Catvertising is the latest YouTube sensation to ‘go viral’, with creators, Canadian advertising agency John St., undoubtedly now reaping the rewards of global awareness. How did this little 150 second clip gain nearly 1 million views? And what other agency can claim that from what is essentially a promotional video? Quite simply because there is something for everyone: People love the cats, brand-side marketers enjoy the mockery of typical agency showreel videos and every other marketing consultancy around the world is wishing they thought of the idea themselves. In terms of a strategy for new business, this ticks every box: … Continue reading Catvertising: why more ad agencies need to learn to laugh at themselves

Glee does Fashion’s Night Out

Some inspired promotion from FOX in the US emerged this week. Our favourite Gleeksters are getting their fashion on for a promotional video ahead of the 8th September – the official date for the global Fashion’s Night Out extravaganza. And just 12 days later, the new season of Glee happens to air on the American network. The skit (above) is too short for my liking (please let there be a full-length music video aired at some point, or at least additional break bumpers with out-takes), but some of the production stills give you an idea of the fun had on … Continue reading Glee does Fashion’s Night Out

Angry Birds: LIVE (from T-Mobile)

I have just been sent the best video I have seen from T-Mobile so far – and that includes the phenomenal Royal Wedding dance-off. Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? So who wouldn’t want to play a giant life-sized version in the middle of Barcelona, complete with catapulting birds and exploding pigs? Bring it to London, T-Mobile. Stat. (with thanks to @canary_don for the tip-off) Continue reading Angry Birds: LIVE (from T-Mobile)

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: Movie Trailer

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. There are so many reasons why I love the look of this movie, not least: Super Size Me legend, Morgan Spurlock is fronting it. Guaranteed, good honest humour whilst proving a salient, sobering point along the way It is completely self-referential – a film proving its own point that we are over-advertised to through the medium of film and television, whilst acknowledging it wouldn’t exist without that very industry. I just love a good old paradox By the look of the movie posters, he actually manages to convince Californian-based pomegranate juice-makers POM Wonderful to take … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: Movie Trailer

Innocent Knit Big this winter

In terms of brands, there are a few things for me that mark the onset of Christmas. Pret’s Christmas sandwiches, Starbucks’ red cups, and Hellman’s’ sing-along Christmas TV ad to name a few. But not forgetting Innocent smoothies’ adorable bobble hats. I first saw these a couple of years ago and thought it was an inspired (if fairly expensive) piece of product marketing. Completely fitting with the brand personality and creating stand-out on the shelf. This year those happy chaps at Innocent have taken it to a whole new level. Enter, The Big Knit. Some pretty heavy advertising spend must … Continue reading Innocent Knit Big this winter

The M&S Tortoise

Being the brand geek that I am, this blog is no stranger to featuring my favourite print ads (and I’ve recently started a TV ad playlist on my YouTube channel to capture my broadcast favourites too). So here’s a little charmer from this morning’s press (this particular execution sat in the Daily Express). He’s cute. It’s a tortoise. In a woolly bobble hat. Heating his home. What’s not to love? But largely, it is all about timing. And that is the beauty of tactical advertising. Over the last 10 days, London has become considerably colder, with those annual domestic arguments … Continue reading The M&S Tortoise

Mercedes-Benz on the runway

Thoughts welcome on the LFW advertising offering from Mercedes-Benz: I’ve been meaning to post this ad for a while but, if I’m honest I haven’t quite figured out if I think it is freshingly and strikingly simple, or just plain dull. On first sight, it struck me as a very straightforward concept, that perfectly conveyed the brand partnership between the luxury car dealer and Fashion Week. The runway as a road, M-B as the only vehicle suitable to transport you down it – or, as a metaphor for life’s runway. Thus the glamorous audience feasting on the fashions falling off … Continue reading Mercedes-Benz on the runway

The Power of Branding

A little lesson in marketing for a Thursday afternoon. I found this a while ago – I think on some eternal email forward – and I love it. For anyone that doesn’t understand our crazy world, here’s a bit of a breakdown in terms everyone can understand: 1) You go to a party and you see an attractive girl across the room. You go up to her and say, “Hi, I’m great in bed, how about it?” – That’s Direct Marketing. 2) You go to a party and you see an attractive girl across the room. You give your friend … Continue reading The Power of Branding

The iPad – will it blend?

Squeals of excitement yesterday at an Engine Digital Training day provided by the eConsultancy, when trainer James Matthewson revealed his shiney new iPad – fresh out of the box from his trip to the States. I have long been in love with all things Apple, and finally it seems I have the ultimate toy – a Kindle combined with an iPod Touch. It was just as pretty as expected, and very impressive video/picture quality. Above all it was fun to use. Sadly the app store wasn’t connecting in the UK so no books had been uploaded yet, and I’m still … Continue reading The iPad – will it blend?