Fitzgerald’s cityscape & urban decay

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gradually been falling out of love with London. City life, and London especially, offers a treasure-trove of experiences. Its rich history, culture and melting pot of global visitors makes it enriching for some – for most. But it possibly also has a time limit, an expiration date. When I first started travelling to places with significantly more living space (i.e. anywhere but England really),  I was uncomfortable with how far apart everything and everyone seemed. The cosmopolitan, bustling Sydney – Darling Harbour, early-ish Saturday morning – was a comparable ghost town compared to … Continue reading Fitzgerald’s cityscape & urban decay

3D Building projections – Vienna & Marble Arch

The latest trend in impactful digital stunts has seen buildings in every major city in the world adorned with a 3D light show, that at once enhances and plays with their architectural structure. I love them. Well, the ones that are done well. I’ve seen two in the last week, both from London, that I thought were really special – one done yesterday for the Vienna Tourist Board, and another that I only just picked up on YouTube, executed in February this year. Enjoy: Above: Vienna Tourist Board stunt, on the (appropriately named) Imagination Building, central London, last night. Above: … Continue reading 3D Building projections – Vienna & Marble Arch

The lives that consumer culture cannot reach

I’m a big fan of The Sunday Times, and in particular their Spectrum section (and not just when it features National Cheerleading Champions). In their own words, Spectrum ‘showcases astonishing photographs from the front line of life over 12 awe-inspiring pages’. True enough. This weekend, sitting on a sun-drenched Clapham Common on a welcome weekend break from the marketing bubble in which I live my week, I found the images particularly worthy of reflection. The cover feature, which always contains a collection of stunning and astute shots illustrating one central theme, this week concerned itself with ‘Bare Necessities: The lives … Continue reading The lives that consumer culture cannot reach