Poetry Please

It had been all quiet on the blog of late. Apologies to all (both) visitors – the occasional (Emma) or the avid (my Dad). All this writing-for-work malarky has done wonders for my professional motivation but has killed my blogs stone dead. So I’m returning with a new, hope-to-make regular, feature. Not long ago I found a spot of verse-writing a healthy vent for some of life’s more testing trials. I’m a habitual reader but poetry has never really floated my boat – still less have I written than read. That said, I recently found a therapeutic benefit in thrashing … Continue reading Poetry Please

On appreciating Skyrim

Well, less appreciation for Skyrim and more for Lemur Lady, who has so well encapsulated what it means to be widowed in reality by this world of total un-reality, that I’ve had to re-post it here. For those (blessed) un-initiated few, Skyrim is the latest in immersive role play video gaming (think dragons, magic, castles, lots of aimless wandering through medieval landscapes etc. etc.). If your housemate/boyfriend/husband enters this realm, prepare to live alone. Oh and did I mention it NEVER ENDS? At the time, I read Lemur Lady’s post and it thoroughly tickled me, to quite a disproportionate degree … Continue reading On appreciating Skyrim

In search of the greatest sports marketing moment

It’s not often that I will post about work-related content here, but the latest debate raging over on Synergy’s blog is actually pretty thought-provoking (well, for those in the sports industry at least). Any sports fans out there remember when Twenty20 was first ‘invented’? Or when Nike burst onto the scene helping Michael Jordan hit his jump shot? Or even, for the veteran fans amongst you, when NFL was first broadcast on our TV screens? Well, whatever you think the biggest moment was, Synergy wants to hear about it. We’ve started a bit of a debate going by naming an … Continue reading In search of the greatest sports marketing moment

Wordle view of the first Leaders’ Debate

It was quite an amazing social media experience last night being part of the first Leaders’ Debate, shown on ITV1 (or ITV1HD as they are trying to get us all watching). Twitter went completely mental in an effort to keep up, offering up some quite interesting stats by the end on all those twittering away using the #leadersdebate hashtag: total tweets: 184,396 average frequency: 29.06 tweets per second total tweeters: 36,483 Comments on everything from policies, key arguments and debate tensions to the dated set design, the increasing panicky refereeing from Alistair Stewart and the colour of the candidates’ ties. … Continue reading Wordle view of the first Leaders’ Debate

Socialnomics – putting an ROI on successful social media campaigns

After my great digital comms/social media training run by the eConsultancy‘s James Matthewson earlier this week, I was prompted to go out and find some concrete stats about the success of brand involvement in social media campaigns. Just came across this fab little Socialnomics video, from the author of the Socialnomics book, Eric Qualman, and however much you think you already know about brands marketing in this space, it really is worth a watch. Time and time again we find clients hesitant to relinquish control over their brand in the interests of entering the social media space, yet there are … Continue reading Socialnomics – putting an ROI on successful social media campaigns

The iPad – will it blend?

Squeals of excitement yesterday at an Engine Digital Training day provided by the eConsultancy, when trainer James Matthewson revealed his shiney new iPad – fresh out of the box from his trip to the States. I have long been in love with all things Apple, and finally it seems I have the ultimate toy – a Kindle combined with an iPod Touch. It was just as pretty as expected, and very impressive video/picture quality. Above all it was fun to use. Sadly the app store wasn’t connecting in the UK so no books had been uploaded yet, and I’m still … Continue reading The iPad – will it blend?

The Official NFL Widget

[clearspring_widget title=”The Official NFL Widget” wid=”47606bd521007408″ pid=”4afc2dc35cf8bc1d” width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”] Look what I added to the blog today? Now there’s no excuse for not keeping up with the latest NFL scores. Shame Sky Sports don’t have one here so that we can get the games displayed in UK time. Get on the case guys. Continue reading The Official NFL Widget

Feeling the love for Dorset Cereals

A re-kindling of my love for Dorset Cereals this morning has led to an unadulterated plug for the brand. Not a product that I can regularly afford to buy (more due to the volume I would consume than the price), it was from coming home to the parental Surrey seat that reminded me how fab they are. Fortunately for me, parents keep plentiful stock of the World’s Best Cerealâ„¢ – so now I am never without. Next time you’re perusing the breakfast aisle, give them a go. You won’t regret it. You know all those healthy cereal brands who claim … Continue reading Feeling the love for Dorset Cereals

Why we heart Jack Wills even more than before

I blog, Tweet and share on Facebook most of the cool stuff I come across on a daily basis. According to Rupert Murdoch, this makes me a ‘digital native’, but whatever label you want to apply, today it totally paid off. As a long-term fan of the Jack Wills brand, my support of the British fashion label has, over the years, transcended both online and offline platforms – along with a lot of my closest friends. We shop with Jack, we party with Jack, and when we do, we tell people about it. Take the annual Varsity Polo tournament at Windsor … Continue reading Why we heart Jack Wills even more than before