World Poetry Day – everyone’s a poet

Happy World Poetry Day one and all! This date hadn’t occurred to me until reading the wonderful Lucy Mangan in this week’s Stylist magazine, and though she decries the artform as not for her, even she manages to finish her column with a spontaneous burst of verse. Granted, she is a literary fireball, but in four short funny lines, she nailed a little ditty just like that: “The boy stood on the burning deck, His feet were full of blisters. The flames came up and burned his pants And now he wears his sister’s.” Why not have a go today? … Continue reading World Poetry Day – everyone’s a poet

Making Paul Oberman’s Market Street dream a reality

Architecture and urban redevelopment rarely feature on The Writing’s on the Wall, but a Toronto-based project recently caught my eye for a number of reasons. Not least because the project’s visionary tragically lost his life before he could see its completion, stalling the development unless a petition can be submitted in support of the plans. So I wanted to help spread the word. The redevelopment of Market Street, one of Toronto‚Äôs oldest and most iconic streets, was the dream of the late Paul Oberman – visionary real estate developer, much-loved by the Toronto community for his dedication to heritage restoration. … Continue reading Making Paul Oberman’s Market Street dream a reality