Designspiration: Valentino to LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

I love catwalk to sidewalk trends – in fact I’ve written about them severally on this blog before – largely because it gives us average Joe’s (or Joanne’s) the chance to buy into the luxurious and unattainable world of high-end design. That said, trends are one thing, precise designs are quite another. Catwalk copycats are controversial at best – bare-faced thieves at worst. And as I work with emerging designers every day, it is tough seeing designs blatantly ripped off, as it is at that end of the industry that it can do the most damage. But any creative ‘borrowing’ … Continue reading Designspiration: Valentino to LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s

The Hunger Games: theatrical trailers

Having read all three books at a rate of knots over Christmas last year, I am getting somewhat over-excited for Jennifer Lawrence‘s turn as Katniss Everdeen. Fabulous news that the folks at Lionsgate have decided to open the movie on the same day in the UK as the US (March 23rd). It remains to be seen whether the widespread talk of Twilight-level box office figures will pan out, but regardless, I will be heading to my local Picture House on opening weekend to contribute. Disappointingly, given that the UK Premiere (14th March) is due to be held at the BFI … Continue reading The Hunger Games: theatrical trailers

Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

As a lover of baking, baked goods and cheese, and a reluctant sporadic gym-user, I was delighted with this Facebook share today. Now I know the key is in the presentation and one is (supposedly) deserted in the jungle with no luxuries to her name, while the other appears to glammed up for some kind of red carpet do – and clearly the assets bestowed upon them by the divine differ hugely as well – but the juxtaposition is amusing nonetheless. The moral of the story? Screw detox, eat cake. Continue reading Screw detox, eat cake: Gillian versus Nigella

I’ll have an R, an I and a P, please Bob

Very sad news today that beloved 80’s TV hero, Bob Holness, has died at the age of 83. He was also an accomplished actor and broadcaster, but other children of the 80’s may remember best the soft toy mascots, the flashing hexagons and the infamous ‘Can I have a P please, Bob?’ which inexplicably was still hilarious, even on the seventeenth time of watching. And what other TV show can claim a dance routine created solely for its theme tune? R.I.P. Bob. Enjoy the memories: p.s. who knew he was South African? Continue reading I’ll have an R, an I and a P, please Bob

Glee does Fashion’s Night Out

Some inspired promotion from FOX in the US emerged this week. Our favourite Gleeksters are getting their fashion on for a promotional video ahead of the 8th September – the official date for the global Fashion’s Night Out extravaganza. And just 12 days later, the new season of Glee happens to air on the American network. The skit (above) is too short for my liking (please let there be a full-length music video aired at some point, or at least additional break bumpers with out-takes), but some of the production stills give you an idea of the fun had on … Continue reading Glee does Fashion’s Night Out

Dolce & Gabbana’s starry-eyed surprise

When I reached for my default monthly glossy at a newsagent’s last weekend, it wasn’t the alluring doe-eyed Lily Allen that caught my eye so much as what the former popstrel was wearing – enveloped as she was in an utterly divine combination of navy lace and white-star print fabric. Exhibit A: Being a traditional type who reads a magazine front to back (and supplements first, always), I had yet to discover who devised this luxe creation – until I picked up the latest Grazia where I learned it was indeed the handiwork of D&G. What Gods. The piece full … Continue reading Dolce & Gabbana’s starry-eyed surprise

Happy 30th Birthday MTV

I do love a bit of MTV. Long gone are the days where MTV was seen as Music Television – for me, it is now defined as the home of my beloved Hills and the channel that first introduced me to the fabulous Lauren Conrad, not to mention the hours (days?) spent wasted in front of endless episodes of MTV Cribs and My Super Sweet Sixteen at University. (And then the ultimate MTV birth-child, The Hills’ Lauren Conrad does MTV Cribs:) And these days, my MTV viewing is still going strong with Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars clogging up my … Continue reading Happy 30th Birthday MTV